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BMW oil leak repair

BMW 650i, N62TU engine with a large oil leak from the front engine area.

This customer came in after having the valve cover gasket replaced to stop an oil leak from the engine. After cleaning the area where most of the oil was present, a dye was added to the engine oil and then the vehicle was driven for about 20 minutes, after that, we lifted the car and check with an ultraviolet light that makes de dye "glow", this showed the leak to be between the alternator bracket and the engine block.There is an inexpensive seal at the alternator bracket that over time looses elasticity and oil gets past it. The part is inexpensive but it takes over 8 hours to replace since it requires removing drive belt, alternator, underbody shields, suspension components and lowering the front crossmember.

This engine is used in several models like BMW 550i, BMW 750i which develop the same leak and it is also present on models using the N62 engine like the BMW X5.

BMW 650i on a lift to check oil leak

BMW engine view with alternator bracket removed

Several components removed including bracket

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Keith Packer
Keith Packer
Sep 06, 2022

Whats the order of the bolts on the side of the bracket i seem to mix them up


abhinav shashtri
abhinav shashtri
Jul 31, 2019

Thanks for sharing such good information keep sharing more

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