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Vehicle Maintenance

Scheduled Services per factory recommendations, using quality parts and fluids that meet specifications for your vehicle.

Computer Diagnostic

Advanced diagnostic equipment to perform accurate tests for engine management, electronically controlled brakes, suspensions, transmissions, and several other vehicle systems.

Brake Repairs

We perform all repairs and maintenance required in the 

brake system.


Alternator, starter motor, battery,

and electrical systems testing and repairs.

Engine Repairs

Engine repairs ranging from simple oil leaks to more complex work such as cylinder head gaskets, valve jobs, timing chains, etc.

Fuel & Air Induction

Belts & Cooling


Fuel injection system cleaning and blasting of air induction systems - an issue common on direct injected engines, specially on BMW, Audi and Mini Cooper.

Replacement of water pump, radiator, drive belts, and timing belts with specific tools for accurate repairs. All cooling system work is pressure checked and tested for possible internal combustion leaks.

Climate Control

Air conditioning service and

repairs. Climate control diagnostic

and repairs.

Steering &

Shock absorbers, struts, suspension bushings, air suspension systems, and steering components. We use the Hunter Hawkeye alignment equipment to verify proper repairs.

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